Competitive Value, Performance, and Durability
When maximum efficiency and low production costs are key, the FB-Line is the answer.

These reliable narrow web presses are based on modular flexo technology for easy configuration. Including screen and hot foil Drop-In features to increase your printing options at a very affordable price.

The 10” FB-2500 is available as main shaft-driven or servo-powered presses. The maximum web speed is 750 feet per minute, making the FB-Line the fastest in the narrow web industry. Exceptionally straightforward to make-ready and operate, the FB-Line is the ideal choice for high-quality, cost-effective printing.

With features such as the convenient splicing table with pneumatic clamping bars, ergonomic slide-out printing stations, easy-to-use operator interface, and advanced die-cutting and drying systems, the FB-Line will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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