Dry Tower


Drawer Cabinets

Our Dry Towers consist of up to four cabinets equipped with the maximum number of drawers. A chaotic placing stateguy guarantees volume optimised storage


  • Stores up to 43.000 reels per m2
  • Optimised utilisation of height, depth and width
  • Fast access to all components
  • Volume optimised storage
  • Extandable by combining any number of storage modules

5-axis gripper system

The automated gripper system moving along 5 axes uses vacuum to transport component reels and trays safely and quickly. The gripper system can pick up loads of up to 3 kg.


  • Short access times
  • Safe and efficient component transport
  • Suitable for reels, trays and closed packagings

Conveyor technology

The Dry Tower can be equipped with custom-engineered conveyor technology for batch processing of reels and boxes, catering for decentralised loading/unloading as well as line supply. Our system allows for maximum flexibility in your component logistics, as each batch is automatically tranferred by roller and belt conveyors, lifts or autonomous transport system tot the best available position.


  • Minimum personnel time
  • Just-in-time line processing
  • Decoupling of loading and retrieval processes

Climate control

Our U-7000 series drying unit guarantees controlled humidity values <5% RH. When compnents sensitive to moisture are brouht into the unit, the processing time is automatically stopped, reducing the ris of damage from oxidation. Using a 40oC heater, MSL components can be dried gently at the right temperature.


  • Permanent re-drying of components according to JEDEC standard
  • Fast re-drying thanks to minimum relative air humidity
  • Optional heating (up to 40oC) accelerates drying process


The standard interface allows for the integration of the Dry Tower into your existing MES system. Important storage data and parameters such as humidity, temperature and operator intervention are documented for subsequent evaluation. Our integrated commissioning function allows for efficient retrieval in the desired sequence and with regard to FIFO


  • Reliable monitoring and documentation of moisture sensitivity levels aswell as drying, stopping and processing times according to JEDEC standard
  • Automatic commissioning function
  • Standard interface for integration into existing systems
  • Seamless logging along entire logistics chain
  • Unrivalled versatility thanks to freely configuabel storage strategies

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