Ecoselect 1


Small Selective Soldering System with outstanding technology.

Highlights Selective Soldering System Ersa ECOSELECT 1

  • Compact Batch-type system with small footprint
  • Ersa CAD Software
  • Up to 2 solder bath to increase throughput
  • Use of mini-wave, mini-dip wave and area-soldering nozzle possible
  • Maintenance free electromagnetic solder pump drive
  • Drop-jet fluxer with integrated monitoring
  • High positioning accuracy and process safety
  • Lower, full-area IR preheater (scalable)
  • Convection top side
  • Low energy and N2 consumption


  • Universal-pallet mount for boards of up to 508 x 505 mm
  • Lower preheater with short-wave, dynamic IR emitters
  • Maximum permissible board weigth: 12 kg
  • Convection heater top side
  • Second solder bath to process two different alloys
  • Second solder bath to process multi-up panels
  • Camera/Monitor to view the solder process
  • Barcode-Scanner (bar code/2D)
  • Acquisition of board data from CAD systems (CAD Assistant)
  • Touch operation
  • Fiducial recognition

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