Nilpeter – Digital Inline Print Finishing

The new ‘High Build’ coating and ‘High Opacity White’ inkjet units open up a wide range of design options and offer perfect conditions for the requirements in the health, personal care, wine and spirits sectors, to name but a few areas of application.

Integration and retrofitting in Nilpeter presses

The Nilpeter digital inline print finishing supports a wide range of substrates such as PP, PE, PET and film and can be variably positioned in a machine configuration. These Nilpeter inkjet modules offer a unique opportunity to combine and match proven analog printing technology with specifically applied digital inkjet printing processes.

High-Laydown’ technology for coating applications

HL technology can be used to generate high-quality surface structures that simulate expensive substrates, highlight expressive designs or offer a special feel. HL technology can be combined with matt “floodcoat” varnish to create microembossing techniques used in paper production or embossing effects applied digitally to text or image details.

For an additional effect, extraordinary foil effects can be achieved in combination with lamination/foil unwinding.

High Opacity White’ Technology

The ‘High Opacity White’ inkjet unit achieves high opacity white with low overall production costs, low waste and short makeready times. It also makes your print products more attractive without additional costs for screens, printing plates or similar.

Increased production rates

Compared to conventional methods, digital inline inkjet finishing units offer shorter delivery times for highly finished jobs. The greater flexibility generates economic benefits without compromising quality. Less waste, faster makeready times and no additional tooling costs enable higher production rates and lower overall production costs.