Feinmetall – TC77, Test Connectors for electrical contacting of H-MTD and MATEnet

The contacting of on-board networks and systems always brings new requirements for testing and contacting technology. For radio-frequency signals, some connectors have established on the market, for example the connector types H-MTD and MATEnet.

Contacting solutions for H-MTD and MATEnet

For tests with radio-frequency signals, a suitable high-quality and RF-optimized contact design is required. Feinmetall offers appropriate solutions for this application with the HF77 contact probe series. However, for simple electrical tests, more economical contacts are required as well.

Economical and simple electrical contacting

This is why Feinmetall has developed test connectors for this application, allowing reliable electrical contacting, combined with very simple and flexible mounting. The new test connectors of our TC77 series reliably contact the signal and ground pins. They are perfectly designed for this application with spring-loaded internal contact probes. The mounting can be realized by a flange and the connection of the test connector can either be done by a cable or soldered.

Compensation of tolerances

By providing a wobble function in the test connectors, certain tolerances in the positioning of the DUT can be compensated. Such a wobble function has already proven itself for the RF contact probes and has also been implemented in the test connectors.

Feinmetall offers comprehensive and economical solutions

With these test connectors, Feinmetall completes the contacting solutions for automotive technology and offers customers the most suitable and economical contacting solution for all applications.

The following versions are currently available

  • MATEnet: TC77 MATEnet-M 01 LA S
  • H-MTD-Male: TC77 H-MTD-M 01 DR S
  • H-MTD-Female: TC77 H-MTD-F 01 DR S