Modular high-performance SMT placer

The highly efficient, modular premium SMT placer YRM20 from Yamaha Motor Europe is based on a completely new platform that reflects the intelligent factory.

This platform uses two different head types: A newly developed high-speed multi-purpose rotary head (RM), which in combination with the new high-speed feeder offers a world-leading placement capacity (under optimal conditions) of 115,000 CPH, and a single-head solution via the newly designed in-line head (HM), which combines high speed with high versatility. With a placement accuracy of ±25 µm (Cpk ≥1,0) it supports the assembly of microchip components of size 0201 (0.25 mm x 0.125 mm).

In addition, the newly developed transport system can accommodate a maximum panel width of 510 mm. The optimized layout improves the transfer speed and significantly reduces the time required for changing the blank. The adoption of the overdrive drive technology from the modular Premium series, which has been used to achieve highly efficient production, reduces the restrictions on placement head access when the front and rear table sides obstruct each other. In addition, the graphical user interface has been redesigned to further simplify intuitive operation.

A completely new approach for the placement head was chosen for the development of the efficient, modular premium placement machine. The machine combines the two technologies, the Sigma series rotary head and the YSM series inline head. The 1-head solution achieved can process all component types, from ultra-small chips to large components, without changing the head.

The SMT placer uses a new machine control system that is ready to serve a new era of increasing data speed and volume requirements in production facilities. The fast and robust application software interacts seamlessly and securely with peripheral systems and external software.