CVP-600 is automated 2 stage vacuum rubber press laminator
Its 1st stage works as laminator and the 2nd works as flattening press.
CVP-600 has become Industry Standard of build-up material and solder resist lamination.

Equipment Structure:

  • Carrier Film Conveyance System(Film Forwarder/ Film Rewinder)
  • Rubber Press Laminator(1st) + Hydraulic Press Unit(2nd)

Lamination Method: Rubber Press Laminator

Footprint:(L) 4135mm x (w)3145mm x (h)1935mm

Acceptable Worksize:MAX510 x 510(mm)


  • Compressed air(0.5~0.6MPa)
  • Forced Exhaust
  • 3-Phase AC 220V
  • Cooling Water for vacuum pump: 2~3L/Min

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