Your Starting Line for High Performance

The FB-Line represents the latest generation of highly efficient label printing. Nilpeter has added a large number of innovative features and packaged the machine in an attractive, new design. The new FB-Line is an answer to the request for increased automation, higher ease of use, and operator friendliness.

The new FB is introduced with a number of added features such as  Automated Plate Positioning System (APPS), pre-register and re-register functionality.  The new FB is designed to print value-added labels in the most efficient way at high speeds. While the new FB looks entirely different, it will still feel intuitive to the printer already accustomed to work on the popular FB-Line.

The Joy of Operation

The new FB is a sophisticated workhorse offering high ease of operation and superior printing quality. Increased operator friendliness is a central element in the design process for Nilpeter’s new FB-Line. The flexo press is extremely simple to manage, even though we have added a number of technology advancements.

The Opportunities

Available in 13” and 16” widths, the new FB is the perfect choice for the flexible label printer. The flexo press is designed to deliver maximum flexibility at an affordable price. The printer can customise the press to meet a vast number of requirements – from a very basic configuration to an advanced configuration. Innovative automation features can be added according to requirements and combined with value-added features such as lamination, cold foil, hot foil, gravure, and screen printing.

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