Plasma Desmear Batch

  • Unique plasma technology, which is integrated with high-voltage electrical field, ICP and HCP simultaneously
  • The direction of ion mobility can be controlled
  • ICP & HCP are generated at the same time and it can substantially increase the plasma density as well as the process speed
  • By employing water-cooling electrodes, the resistance of electrode surface can remain the same and thus increase the process stability
  • Multiple processing gas selectivity
  • Decrease the maintenance time and operation costs by using PLC computer
  • High automation and operator friendly design
  • Dependant on the customer’s requirements, the machine will be produced at special specifications
  • Chamber capability : 18 ~ 36 panels (Type I), 24~48 panels (Type II)

Excellent Performance

  • High desmear / drilling uniformity (about ±10% in general)
  • Very high desmear / drilling efficiency
  • Multiple processing gases (Ar, CF4, O2, N2) capable of achieving the best surface treatment effects


  • Desmear
  • Blind via and through hole etching
  • Interlayer adhesion promotion
  • Resist / emulsion removal

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