RSI Nilscreen

Rotary Screen Printing Unit – A Screen Cassette for high-quality special effects, braille, and opaque white.
The RSI Nilscreen Rotary Screen Printing Unit is rail-mounted and offers freedom of choice in screen type, and is ideal for both long and short runs.

Freedom of choice in screen
The RSI Nilscreen unit is available in 14¨, 17¨, and 22¨. The sturdy one-piece construction is rail-mounted, ideal for both long and short runs, and offers freedom of choice in screen, allowing you to use any type of screen, both round and flat.

Advanced standard features
Standard features include a servo-driven, double-sided drive for the screen cylinder, allowing for a wider selection of screen types, a built-in high accuracy Ink Level Control Unit, and fixture mechanisms for screen, slow rotation functionalities, and more.


  • Rail-mounted screen unit – no use of trolleys
  • Touch panel for unit control
  • Ergonomic working position (1.4 m)
  • Integrated ink scraper to remove excessive ink during start-up
  • Light inside the screen for easy positioning of the squeegee
  • Homing sensor and pre-setting capabilities
  • Automatic length register


  • Easy-to-operate screen printing unit
  • Free positioning in the print sequence
  • Works with screens from all key industry suppliers
  • No replacement of existing screen exposing units, wash-up booth, or dyers
  • Easy integration with the FA-Line
  • Brilliant, high-grade pictorial effects
  • High coverage and colour strength

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