Plasma Desmear R2R

  • High Density Plasma Source (ICP) electrode design provides fast etch rates.
  • Instant tension control.
  • The rewinding and unwinding is on the same side, which is convenient for operation and shortens the loading and unloading time.
  • It equip with the laser benchmark, it can mark the winding and unwinding paths,so it speed up material to exchange time.
  • It equip with the cutting table that increase convenience and speed up the time to change materials.
  • Equipped with OPG Corrector of material paths(EPC).
  • Each electrode have independent circulation of cooling water that can reduce the temperature gradient and increase the etch uniformity.
  • Equipped withe a temperature controller is provide to control the electrode temperature, that can maintain the process of steady .
  • Equipped with a process temperature detector that can feedback and regulate chamber temperature to maintain the process of stability .

Performance characteristics

  • 3~5 m/min high-speed plasma desmear treatment, which is 2~3 times faster than the industry peers.
  • Suitable for plasma treatment of 260 mm film material.
  • Suitable for plasma treatment of 36 um and thinner film materials.
  • High precision winding of ± 0.5 mm.
  • Suitable for a variety of different tension materials.
  • Suitable for all kinds of flexible circuit boards or the membranes.
  • The operation is simple, and the metrial set convenience of loading and unloading.


  • The flexible circuit board (FPC) desmer/removal Residue/surface modification in the hole.
  • COF desmer/removal residue/surface modification in the hole.
  • Any film material cleans/activated/modified on the surface.

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