Equipment Feature:
V-series is manual type laminator. Operator only needs to place
Material on lower chamber and hit the button and all lamination procedure will be completed.
Materials can be laminated: PCB, LED substrate, Wafer etc…

Equipment Structure: Manual Type Laminator(Single Chamber)

Lamination Method: Diaphragm

V-130 (L) 2305mm x (w)1130mm x (h)1905mm
V-160 (L) 1920mm x (w)1665mm x (h)2090 mm

Acceptable Worksize:
V-130: 350mm x  350mm
V-160: 610mm x 610mm

Compressed Air (0.5~0.6MPa)
Forced Exhaust
3-Phase AC 220V
Cooling Water for Vacuum Pump:(2~3L/min) for vacuum pump
(*Some pumps does not need cooling water)

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