Stepan Intralogistics 4.0 at MachTech Budapest 2019

Our business division Intralogistics 4.0 presented itself and our partner montratec at the MachTech Budapest 2019. Visitors could get an impression of the unique montrac system with the custom-made exhibition loop.

Two years ago, we expanded our portfolio to include Intralogistics 4.0 and have since successfully opened up markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Participating in MachTech Budapest was another important strategic step. At the largest exhibition for mechanical engineering and welding technology in Hungary many valuable contacts could be made and the advantages of the montrac® system could be demonstrated by the brought along loop.

montrac® is the intelligent automation and transport system for networking industrial production and logistics processes. In conveyor technology, it offers a wide range of possible applications – and always guarantees maximum flexibility, reliability and efficiency.
Thanks to the modular system and its scalability, it is possible to react very easily to unforeseen events without generating downtimes. All components are designed to be generally low-maintenance. The monorails and Trac connections allow very simple and quick installation with the tightest curve radii. Thanks to Smart Logistic Technology, the shuttles know exactly where the products have to go. montrac® can be modified as required and adapts perfectly to the spatial conditions. All components are compatible. On the same track, workpieces of different sizes can be conveyed simultaneously. In addition, the system enables workpieces to be tested or recorded with data during transport – even in a clean room.
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