VisiConsult integrates the XRHCount into the ASM material manager

VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH successfully integrated their XRHCount component counting system into the ASM material manager.

As part of ASM Pacific Technology Inc., ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG is the world’s largest manufacturer of SMT placement machines and printer solutions for electronics manufacturing. Their products are produced at various locations in Munich, Weymouth, Singapore and Malaysia. At the SMT Center of Competence in the German location, VisiConsult has connected a demo system of the XRHCount, the contactless SMD component counting system, to the ASM material manager. Customers have the opportunity to test how the XRHCount updates the stock levels in the ASM material manager. Mr, Oeckl, head of Center of Competence: “We see the XRHCount as an ideal extension for process control, even if there is no homogenous production landscape of our system.”

Convenient and contactless counting of SMD components on component rolls is possible by using the XRHCount. Welded rolls are no problem here. Cycles times under 10 seconds, as well as the global component database, speed up the counting process.

Even in ERP solutions, such as Baan or SAP, the XRHCount can be integrated effortlessly. Thanks to the open interface the connection of special systems is also quick and easy. The official integration into the ASM material manager has made VisiConsult an official ASM partner.