Ersa – Zero defect challenge starts with assembly placement

Achieve a higher first yield (FPY) directly in your electronics production – with the new optical Ersa placement inspection VERSAGUIDE PRO. Because there are many sources of error, for example a large number of different components, different assemblies or even changing layers. With VERSAGUIDE PRO, you ensure a stable, reproducible process and eliminate errors before they can even occur. Train your plant team on it – you will see how motivation increases and performance goes up!

In the highest configuration level VERSAGUIDE ULTRA offers extensive possibilities to design the placement process in the best possible way. With the 640 x 480 mm field of view, codes and OCR can be read directly through the camera and made available for subsequent processes. The included IO module ensures process interlocking – the next process steps only take place after VERSAGUIDE PRO/ULTRA has checked the assembly 100%. Optimal illumination is provided by a large lighting panel with 18 MP camera.

Ersa testing downstream
In order to be able to assess the entire process, Ersa offers VERSAGUIDE PRO/ULTRA, an assistance system for correct assembly not only before the soldering systems. After the soldering process, VERSAEYE makes it possible to view and classify a solder joint via 360° all-round view, thus ensuring that the highest quality requirements are met for the assemblies.