Core components of the montrac® system, montrac® shuttles are intelligent single or twin-axle conveyors equipped with an on-board power supply. Moving self-centred on the monorail, the shuttles are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that prevent potential collisions with obstacles or other shuttles.

Each shuttle is powered by a maintenance-free, low-voltage motor located in the axle. Cams on the T-grooves along the track specify shuttle speed and stopping positions. Speed parameters can be pre-configured to optimally meet your individual requirements.

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Rail System

The montrac® modular system encompasses all the components required to construct customised rail systems.

montrac® Trac is compatible with the TracSet profile system. Components such as curves, junctions, switches and lifts are all available to enable flexible routing.

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Trac Control

System-specific controls ensure optimum functioning and utilisation of the montrac® transport system. Our modular TracControl routing components allow you to precisely control and seamlessly monitor your system – regardless of whether the layout is simple or highly complex. Diverse interfaces enable the integration of external control components or overriding routing systems.

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The montrac® transport system offers a number of practical peripheral components to meet specific work centre and automatic assembly area requirements. For example, components to support the product to prevent burdening the shuttle or inclining platforms to enhance ergonomics. These options allow you to further optimise your production and work processes.

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Suitable TracSet base frames are available for all montrac®components. Similar to the Trac rail system, the base frames are also of modular design. Base frames are individually height-adjustable to meet customer requirements.

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montrac® Configurator is a convenient software solution for designing customised transport system layouts with just a few clicks of the mouse.

All standard montrac® transport system components are stored on the configurator. The required components are positioned in the configuration window via drag & drop. All commensurate connection points are automatically recognised by the software.

Operation is extremely simple and intuitive. For clarification, the integrated user manual provides extensive information on creating layouts and many other options provided by the software. These include, for example, the generation of stock lists, import of drawings, 3D export of the layout and a variety of tips on how to use the configurator more easily.

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