Stepan GmbH again becomes Preferred Level Supplier of AT&S AG

Stepan GmbH has been acknowledged by AT&S AG as a Preferred Level Supplier (PLS) for Q4 2020/2021.

Such an award, which is given to companies that consistently deliver first-class products to AT&S AG with a high degree of reliability and professionalism, as well as conduct their business flawlessly, resulting from an intensive and integrated long term cooperation, was received by Stepan GmbH for the seventh time in a row.

Max Stepan, one of the company’s managing directors, says: “We are particularly pleased to receive this recognition from one of our most important and long-standing partners. It reflects very well on the hard work and efforts of all our employees who keep our customers satisfied week after week. We continue to look forward to a successful and collaborative relationship.”

To achieve PLS status, AT&S suppliers must meet high standards and deliver top performance. This earns them an associated certificate that assesses their performance quarterly, where at least 80% must be achieved. In addition, suppliers need to demonstrate sound quality and business systems in a demanding continuous improvement plan. All of the above criteria have been met by Stepan GmbH, and at the same time represent a new challenge that the company hopes to exceed in the next quarter.