• DBD electrode design: high plasma density.
  • Single electrode design
  • The reaction gas can be directly used as air (CDA).
  • The electrode has a large width.
  • The electrode has high expandability and fast processing speed.
  • The distance of the sample from the electrode is approximately < 2 mm.
  • Can be single or online modular
  • Direct plasma
  • Can be applied to a variety of sheet, film and coil materials
  • Easy to maintain and operate

Performance characteristics

  • Only one side of the sample is processed.
  • The reaction gas can be directly used as air (CDA).
  • Low operating costs
  • The effective width of the electrode can be designed according to customer’s requirements, generally 100mm~2000mm (if you want to be wider)
  • Generally, the speed that can be processed is 0.5 to 10 m/min. (may be discussed further depending on process requirements)
  • The plasma has a high uniformity.


  • Surface cleaning, surface activation, surface wettability, etc. applied to printed circuit boards.
  • Surface cleaning, surface activation, surface modification, surface roughening and other functions of polymer materials such as PI, PE and PET.
  • Cleaning of glass substrates, ITO glass substrates, etc. of photoelectric displays such as LCD, PDP, and OLED.
  • Surface cleaning and surface modification of various components and materials.

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