BOFA - AD Oracle iQ2

The huge success of BOFA’s unique Intelligent Operating System (iQ) established a step change in the performance of fume extraction technology. iQ2 builds on this and incorporates a range of new and highly advanced feature enhancements to transform your productivity.


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Viscom - iX7059 Heavy Duty Inspection

Fully Automated Inline X-ray System with Special Rapid Transport for Heavy Assemblies on Goods Carriers

The new iX7059 Heavy Duty Inspection X-ray system is part of Viscom’s brand-new iX series for fast, fully automated inline X-ray inspection. The company developed a special transport system for the handling of workpiece carriers and soldering frames to ensure that heavy and encased assemblies can be transported and inspected in optimized cycle times. This special system can transport assemblies with dimensions of up to 500 x 500 mm and a weight of up to 40 kg. As a result, automatic X-ray inspection is gaining a foothold in trending sectors such as electric mobility, network infrastructure for the 5G telecommunications standard and in the area of renewable energies.

In order to ensure 100% product quality in high current and high voltage electronics, the heat generated as a result of the high currents has to be dissipated in a reliable manner. Large cooling elements, massive wire solder joints and power components, for example, are used to this end. Insufficient solder joints or voids within the soldering area can cause overheating in this situation and put the functionality, safety, and efficiency of the system at risk. A fully automated inline X-ray inspection that can be flexibly deployed for 2D, 2.5D, and 3D analyses is the first choice for reliable inspection.

The iX7059 Heavy Duty inspection system impresses with a resolution extending from 8 μm to over 30 μm, depending on the configuration. The complex inspection objects are irradiated with 130 kV or optionally 160 kV. The broad inspection scopeof the inspection system extends to soldering defects, damage, twisted, missing, or incorrect components as well as concealed voids, blow holes/voids in surface solder joints and the degree of filling of THT solder joints.

The new “Evolution 5” image acquisition approach with the new T3 generation of flat panel detectors is used for highly accurate and fast 3D X-ray inspection. In combination with powerful computed tomography, all key defect features in sectional images are visualized in high detail to enable precise, convenient error detection. This simplifies verification, reduces false alarms, eliminates reworking and prevents product waste. Convenient operation of the system with the modern touchscreen monitor and fast, easy setup of inspection programs via the vVision or EasyPro operating software put the finishing touch on the system concept.

The compact, space-saving iX7059 Heavy Duty Inspection comes in a completely new system design that combines a distinctive style with high-quality materials and a robust housing. The system can also be seamlessly integrated into the production or final assembly line, and networking to implement smart factory concepts is also an option.

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Feinmetall - expandable cell adapter for contacting round cells

Expandable cell fixture for contacting round cells of the type 18650, 21700 and 26650. By changing different exchangeable inserts, it is possible to meet the different requirements for current intensity and contact quality.

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Feinmetall - new RF Contact Probes for High Frequencies up to 16 GHz

For the contacting of RF connectors Feinmetall's contact probes have already proven in practice for years. The contact probe series HF860 has been developed for these applications and offers reliable signal paths for RF test environments.

However, what if higher frequencies are demanded, like for example in 5G applications?

For these applications, Feinmetall has now developed the new HF890 contact probe series.  It offers the same outer dimensions as the established HF860 series, but it is optimized for higher frequencies.

The advantages

  • Excellent operating range up to 16 GHz
  • Suitable for testing networked devices
  • Even suitable for 5G applications
  • Proven design for long lifetime
  • Easy connection via SMP connector
  • Easy mounting with suitable receptacles


Further versions on request.

The perfect contacting solution for your RF application

You will find all current RF contacting solutions also for your field of application in our RF CONTACT PROBE OVERVIEW.

Feinmetall - TC77, Test Connectors for electrical contacting of H-MTD and MATEnet

The contacting of on-board networks and systems always brings new requirements for testing and contacting technology. For radio-frequency signals, some connectors have established on the market, for example the connector types H-MTD and MATEnet.

Contacting solutions for H-MTD and MATEnet

For tests with radio-frequency signals, a suitable high-quality and RF-optimized contact design is required. Feinmetall offers appropriate solutions for this application with the HF77 contact probe series. However, for simple electrical tests, more economical contacts are required as well.

Economical and simple electrical contacting

This is why Feinmetall has developed test connectors for this application, allowing reliable electrical contacting, combined with very simple and flexible mounting. The new test connectors of our TC77 series reliably contact the signal and ground pins. They are perfectly designed for this application with spring-loaded internal contact probes. The mounting can be realized by a flange and the connection of the test connector can either be done by a cable or soldered.

Compensation of tolerances

By providing a wobble function in the test connectors, certain tolerances in the positioning of the DUT can be compensated. Such a wobble function has already proven itself for the RF contact probes and has also been implemented in the test connectors.

Feinmetall offers comprehensive and economical solutions

With these test connectors, Feinmetall completes the contacting solutions for automotive technology and offers customers the most suitable and economical contacting solution for all applications.

The following versions are currently available

  • MATEnet: TC77 MATEnet-M 01 LA S
  • H-MTD-Male: TC77 H-MTD-M 01 DR S
  • H-MTD-Female: TC77 H-MTD-F 01 DR S

Viscom - S3088 ultra chrome SPI

Ultimate quality thanks to early defect detection

Checking all the relevant points in the production process is essential, especially in terms of analyzing the causes of defects, fixing them, and – most importantly – preventing them in the future. That’s why solder paste printing is of fundamental importance for manufacturing complex assemblies: If paste printing isn’t performed correctly, the defect can impact the subsequent assembly and the soldering process, resulting in a tilted component or a poor or missing solder joint.

Optical inspection systems designed for solder paste inspection (SPI) quickly and reliably check the solder paste deposits on the circuit board. They measure the following defect features: surface, height profile, and volume. The measurement and image data from the SPI can be fed back to the solder paste printer (closed loop) and simultaneously transferred onto the automatic placement machine (closed forward loop) so it can adjust the placement position to the actual solder paste printing. Situations in which components are still assembled on the target position despite offset solder paste are critical because this results in a risk of a lifted lead without electrical contact or tombstoning. Solder paste defects such as offset paste, insufficient paste, or bridging are some of the typical defects that the SPI detects. This makes it possible to draw conclusions on improving cleaning cycles, correcting offsets, or even eliminating weak points in the PCB design.

Taking efficiency to the next level

Viscom’s 3D SPI systems work at maximum speed and precision to inspect the solder paste application even for the most demanding assemblies. All essential 3D defect features are recorded and checked, such as volume, height, and form as well as surface area, displacement, and paste smearing. Thanks to the Viscom Quality Uplink feature, inspection data from all inspection systems in the line is displayed at a glance at the verification station, allowing process analysis and optimization almost in real time.

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Feinmetall - new RF Contact Probes for Limited Space

For the contacting of RF connectors such as SMB, SMC, Fakra and others, Feinmetall's contact probes have already proven in practice for years. The contact probe series HF860 has been developed for these applications and offers reliable signal paths for RF test environments.

However, what if the space conditions do not allow the use of the HF860 probes?

For these applications, Feinmetall has now developed the new HF830 contact probe series. It offers the same performance as the established HF860 series in a significantly more compact design.

The Advantages

  • excellent operating range up to 6 GHz
  • easy connection via MCX connector
  • Connection cable available
  • easy mounting with suitable receptacles


Further versions on request.

The perfect contacting solution for your RF application

You will find all current RF contacting solutions also for your field of application in our RF CONTACT PROBE OVERVIEW.

Ersa - Zero defect challenge starts with assembly placement

Achieve a higher first yield (FPY) directly in your electronics production - with the new optical Ersa placement inspection VERSAGUIDE PRO. Because there are many sources of error, for example a large number of different components, different assemblies or even changing layers. With VERSAGUIDE PRO, you ensure a stable, reproducible process and eliminate errors before they can even occur. Train your plant team on it - you will see how motivation increases and performance goes up!


In the highest configuration level VERSAGUIDE ULTRA offers extensive possibilities to design the placement process in the best possible way. With the 640 x 480 mm field of view, codes and OCR can be read directly through the camera and made available for subsequent processes. The included IO module ensures process interlocking - the next process steps only take place after VERSAGUIDE PRO/ULTRA has checked the assembly 100%. Optimal illumination is provided by a large lighting panel with 18 MP camera.

Ersa testing downstream
In order to be able to assess the entire process, Ersa offers VERSAGUIDE PRO/ULTRA, an assistance system for correct assembly not only before the soldering systems. After the soldering process, VERSAEYE makes it possible to view and classify a solder joint via 360° all-round view, thus ensuring that the highest quality requirements are met for the assemblies.

Leutz moves to new location

For more than 20 years, Leutz Lötsysteme GmbH in Hochdorf has been your reliable contact for innovative and individual soldering systems.

In order to continue to be a qualitatively strong partner for new technologies and innovations in the future, a new company building was constructed in Albershausen this year and occupied in October.

Viscom - New inline X-ray system X7056-II BO for high-throughput wire bond inspection

The role of power electronics is becoming increasingly decisive in the automotive sector, especially for electric drives. Smooth functioning and long service life of power electronics ensure the necessary product safety and also the desired energy efficiency of electric vehicles and hybrids. In addition, new types of sensors and cameras provide even better protection for vehicles during operation. The new Viscom system X7056-II BO, which inspects bond wires optically and radiographically in an inline system at maximum inspection depth, ensures comprehensive inspection of power semiconductors and encapsulated sensor elements alike.

The new X7056-II BO inline system effectively combines optical wire bond inspection with X-ray inspection to reliably and precisely inspect even encapsulated wire bonds and concealed solder joints underneath chips. The unique combination of AOI and AXI in a single system ensures high-throughput handling to meet the highest cycle time requirements at maximum inspection depth.

Ribbons, thick and thin wires are inspected, as well as the soldering quality of dies. Thanks to the high-resolution sensor technology, the inspection scope covers all bond points and wires, open and concealed connection points, so that the quality of wire runs, dies and component layers, damage and position deviations as well as voids in surface soldering are detected with absolute certainty. For very effective test program generation, the standard library contains all relevant test samples for die bonds, ball-wedge, wedge-wedge and security bonds.

With the new bond inspection system, Viscom offers an ideal solution for the increasing demand for X-ray inspection in the bond area. The system is designed for use in the production of high-end electronics and is ideal for installation in final assembly for power electronics, circuits, sensor construction and packaging to ensure 100 % quality control. Viscom's offering is rounded out by powerful verification and evaluation of statistical process control.

Feinmetall - Expansion of the portfolio for e-mobility and high-frequency measurements

The demand for solutions for the testing and inspection of charging plugs and charging sockets in the e-mobility sector is increasing, as is the demand for high-frequency plugs. Feinmetall therefore offers many innovative solutions.

More and more the field of e-mobility is finding its way into the various markets in Europe, the USA and Asia. There is therefore also a growing demand for solutions for testing and checking charging plugs and charging sockets.
For this purpose we offer a variety of solutions for current transmission, voltage measurement and the position of the finger protection on the test object.

The new 20-page flyer offers a comprehensive but compact overview of all FEINMETALL high frequency pens. Now also with the new solutions for H-MTD-Marks, SMP-Marks, Fakra-Marks and MATEnet.

Modular high-performance SMT placer

The highly efficient, modular premium SMT placer YRM20 from Yamaha Motor Europe is based on a completely new platform that reflects the intelligent factory.

This platform uses two different head types: A newly developed high-speed multi-purpose rotary head (RM), which in combination with the new high-speed feeder offers a world-leading placement capacity (under optimal conditions) of 115,000 CPH, and a single-head solution via the newly designed in-line head (HM), which combines high speed with high versatility. With a placement accuracy of ±25 µm (Cpk ≥1,0) it supports the assembly of microchip components of size 0201 (0.25 mm x 0.125 mm).

In addition, the newly developed transport system can accommodate a maximum panel width of 510 mm. The optimized layout improves the transfer speed and significantly reduces the time required for changing the blank. The adoption of the overdrive drive technology from the modular Premium series, which has been used to achieve highly efficient production, reduces the restrictions on placement head access when the front and rear table sides obstruct each other. In addition, the graphical user interface has been redesigned to further simplify intuitive operation.

A completely new approach for the placement head was chosen for the development of the efficient, modular premium placement machine. The machine combines the two technologies, the Sigma series rotary head and the YSM series inline head. The 1-head solution achieved can process all component types, from ultra-small chips to large components, without changing the head.

The SMT placer uses a new machine control system that is ready to serve a new era of increasing data speed and volume requirements in production facilities. The fast and robust application software interacts seamlessly and securely with peripheral systems and external software.

Soldering technology specialist Kurtz Ersa focuses on automation concepts

To this end, a well-coordinated Kurtz Ersa team of engineers has been working intensively for three years to develop intelligent solutions for automation projects in industrial production. After the change of name at the start of 2020, "Kurtz Ersa Automation" will now become the official and central contact point for automation competence within the Kurtz Ersa Group. On the one hand, as in previous years, automation concepts will be realized with the in-house, established brands Kurtz and Ersa, and on the other hand, the existing know-how in automation technology will now be made available to the international market of various industries. An example of this is a current project from the automotive industry for a fully automated solution in the field of electronic module assembly including the integration of Ersa soldering technology. All in all, a holistic turnkey solution, realized with proven, robust components and systems from the Kurtz Ersa Group.

Whether internal or external - as a fully-fledged member of the experienced machine manufacturer Kurtz Ersa, Kurtz Ersa Automation delivers precisely fitting systems that convince in terms of functionality, quality and adherence to delivery dates. Kurtz Ersa Automation focuses on the automation of complex assembly and testing processes, taking into account the logical aspects of meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0.

With the concentration on automation technology, there is also a change in the management at the Wertheim location: Ersa Managing Director Ralph Knecht is now once again devoting himself primarily to his tasks for Ersa GmbH and is handing over his responsibilities regarding the former Conline GmbH to Olaf Klink, who is taking over the function of Managing Director of Kurtz Ersa Automation GmbH. Since the beginning of January 2020, Olaf Klink has been concentrating primarily on the strategic and sales issues of Kurtz Ersa Automation GmbH. The 51-year-old has 20 years of specialist and management experience in the automation sector on the international stage, including major successes in the automotive industry. Olaf Klink brings along the knowledge that Kurtz Ersa Automation needs for its new orientation. "Treat the impossible as if it were possible" is the credo of the native Osnabrücker. This bon mot, which goes back to Goethe, is symbolic of the Kurtz Ersa Automation approach to approach future tasks and position itself in automation technology as a solution provider for complex tasks. The demand for complex, far-reaching and holistic automation systems is unbroken. Kurtz Ersa Automation will exploit the future potential that lies in automation technology.

Thank you for visiting the productronica 2019

Our 12-strong sales and service team was on duty for you and 20 of our partners for four days. Many conversations could be held, new projects could be concretized and business relations could be intensified.

We thank you very much for your coming and your interest.

Our partners on site:

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cab Schmid
Christian Koenen Taiyo
DuPont Totech
Ersa Viscom
Feinmetall VisiConsult
Inmatec Yamaha

New Production Facilities in Herrenberg

Feinmetall has invested in a new production hall at its Herrenberg site. At the beginning of 2018, all work steps related to the mechanical processing of metal are accommodated in the new building.

This creates space in the main building for further automation. In total, Feinmetall has invested around two million euros in the new production facilities in Herrenberg.

New partner - cab

Stepan increased its portfolio and offers cab's supporting tools.

Stepan is proud to announce the collaboration with the German company cab.

Yamaha launches YST15 Intelligent SMD Storage System

Labor Saving in Device Supply to Surface Mounting Processes, Yamaha Motor Launches YST15 Intelligent SMD Storage System, Can Manage a Maximum of 1,500 and Batch Load/Unload 27 Reels.

Yamaha Motor Europe SMT Section announced today that it will launch the new YST15 Intelligent SMD Storage System on October 1, 2018. The YST15 interlinks with mounting lines to automatically store and manage supply of Surface Mount Devices (SMDs). Capable of storing up to 1,500 reels (for the 7-inch 8mm format), the YST15 storage system can also load or unload a maximum of 27 reels in one batch. Through interlinking with a mounting line controlled by the Intelligent Factory IoT/M2M integration system, which enables centralized management of electronic component mounting processes, mount devices requiring supply can be extracted in advance from inventory at the optimal timing and supplied in batches. This advance enables significant reductions in staff workload and prevention of production interruptions due to delays in device supply.

In addition, the optional humidity management function provides storage appropriate for electronic components which require a humidity control. A wide range of advances are being made in automation and smart technology in surface mounting processes which demand high quality and efficiency, but many aspects of supply, transport, and inventory management of mount devices are still carried out manually and require a large labor workload. In order to save labor in mounting process component supply work, Yamaha Motor has previously provided products such as the Auto Loading Feeder (which enables simple supply of mount devices without stopping an operating machine), the sATS30NS Auto Tray Sequencer (ATS) for nonstop tray replacement, and the nonstop feeder carriage exchange system.

The new YST15 links with surface mounters and labor-saving devices, and in the future, through components being automatically transported by Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), will comprehensively increase the production efficiency of the overall mounting process.

VisiConsult integrates the XRHCount into the ASM material manager

VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH successfully integrated their XRHCount component counting system into the ASM material manager.

As part of ASM Pacific Technology Inc., ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG is the world’s largest manufacturer of SMT placement machines and printer solutions for electronics manufacturing. Their products are produced at various locations in Munich, Weymouth, Singapore and Malaysia. At the SMT Center of Competence in the German location, VisiConsult has connected a demo system of the XRHCount, the contactless SMD component counting system, to the ASM material manager. Customers have the opportunity to test how the XRHCount updates the stock levels in the ASM material manager. Mr, Oeckl, head of Center of Competence: “We see the XRHCount as an ideal extension for process control, even if there is no homogenous production landscape of our system.”

Convenient and contactless counting of SMD components on component rolls is possible by using the XRHCount. Welded rolls are no problem here. Cycles times under 10 seconds, as well as the global component database, speed up the counting process.

Even in ERP solutions, such as Baan or SAP, the XRHCount can be integrated effortlessly. Thanks to the open interface the connection of special systems is also quick and easy. The official integration into the ASM material manager has made VisiConsult an official ASM partner.

Announcing Yamaha High-end High-efficiency Modular Z:LEX YSM20R

Announcing Yamaha High-end High-efficiency Modular Z:LEX YSM20R, All-around surface mounter with enhanced “1-head solution” and achieving the world’s fastest mounting speed in its class.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces the April 1, 2018 release of the Z:LEX YSM20R, a new all-around surface mounter that offers the versatility to accommodate a wide range of production formats with flexibility and efficiency while also boasting a mounting speed of 95,000 CPH, making it the world's fastest in its class (under optimum conditions).

The YSM20, a leading Z:LEX Series model, offers high productivity, adaptability to various components and superior production changeover ability based on its “1-head solution” concept to accommodate a wide range of component sizes—from super small chips to large components—with a single type of head. The new YSM20R is a high-end, high-efficiency modular mounter that enhances the production capabilities of the YSM20 and joins the series lineup as a deluxe model aimed at boosting competitiveness.

With the YSM20R, Yamaha focused on increasing XY-axis speeds and revising the actions involved for pick-up to placement, and successfully improved mounting speed by approximately 5% compared to the YSM20. Also, by improving the performance of the wide-scan camera on the head, the YSM20R can mount components up to 12×12 mm in size (up from 8×8 mm) at high speed, thus improving productivity. Further, the new Auto Loading Feeder (ALF) using proprietary Yamaha Motor technology, the “sATS30NS” Auto Tray Sequencer (ATS) for nonstop tray replacement and nonstop feeder carriage exchange system (all available as options) reduce costs and time loss while further improving machine operation rate.

Yamaha ALF Auto Loading Feeder

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA announces the launch of ALF, the auto-loading feeder that revolutionizes feeding tape components by eliminating reliance on user skill. With ALF, any operator can easily supply tape components by merely inserting the tape itself without the need for splicing or complex routing of the tape throught the feeder, and all without stopping the machine or interrupting production.

  • Revolutionizes feeding tape components by eliminating reliance on user skill.
  • Any operator to easily supply tape components by merely inserting the tape, all without stopping the machine.
  • Yamaha’s unique center-open system, which eliminates the need to remove the top tape, reduces pick-up errors due to static peeling charge and fuzz.
  • Yamaha-exclusive tape setting mechanism that extends towards the operator to simplify tape setting and a mechanism that allows for two reels to be set at once on the feeder greatly improves ease of use for the operator.

Feinmetall - New Catalogues

The new catalogues from Feinmetall are out now.

In order to find the right contact probe for your application quickly and at a glance, we have now created four application specific catalogs with appropriate contact probes, including many technical details and application notes.